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While Covid screening remains in effect, our building capacity limit has been raised to 35 Please get in touch to check on availability!

DedEye Axe Throwing is your new destination for the sport of Urban Axe Throwing in the Bay of Quinte region!

New to the sport?  Let our certified coaches teach you the ropes!  Having taught thousands of people how to successfully throw an axe, our coaches can teach all skill levels from beginner to competitive! 


For those who know, you'll feel right at home!  Check out our pro shop (coming soon!) or join our league community to start in September.  While you're here, check out other throwing options and get some extra practice!  We are passionate about the sport and dedicated to the safety of all involved.  






Join us  join us for an info night at the club!  Learn about the IATF, how we play our games and what to expect as we grow our axe throwing community!

Sept 23

League Info 

November2021 Leagues

New League Season Commences Wednesday Nov 3


Axe Throwing Tournament!


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