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Thank you for visiting!

If you're here, it means you probably love AXE THROWING as much as we do!

We know you miss being able to go axe throwing, so we're going to bring it home to you!

Let us set you up with a gorgeous backyard target designed to either WATL or IATF specifications!

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Pandemic Isolation doesn't have to be boring!

If you live in or near the Bay of Quinte area in Ontario,

there are two ways we can help you enjoy the sport of

Urban Axe Throwing in your own backyard!  

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Let us take care of you!

You know what you're doing!

If you're already a veteran axe thrower, you probably have your own tools and axes. 


With the DedEye DIY kit, we'll simply drop off the kit with instructions for you to assemble yourself!  

*This DIY kit includes hardware, lumber and customized pieces to build your league standard target and includes a target stencil.

You're a busy professional with much to do, or just want to treat yourself with something new! 


You tell us where you want it and we'll come build your DedEye target in place.  We'll even bring an axe thrower's starter kit* with axes so you can get throwing!  

*Deluxe Target Kit includes: league gameplay instructions, two standard wooden handle league axes, spray bottle, target markers and stencil.

Is your DedEye Backyard Target a gift?

We can even customize your target footer for a special message!  

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